Recreation Fee-in-Lieu

In many states, larger development projects are required to build on-site active recreation facilities (playgrounds, sports fields, courts, trails, etc.), and/or pay a “fee-in-lieu” of such facilities for use in building or improving off-site facilities. The fee-in-lieu may be based on land area, number of dwelling units, retail square footage and the like. In turn, in order to assess this fee, a municipality must adopt a Recreation Plan that shows exactly how fees will be utilized for public recreation. Over the years, TCA has assisted numerous communities with the preparation of their Recreation Plans, which typically include Park and Open Space Master Plans, and cost estimates for particular improvements. We also work with developers to generate robust plans for their on-site recreational facilities. TCA is currently assisting Middletown Township, Delaware County, and East Whiteland Township, Chester County, with their Recreation Plans.