Chadds Ford Township Open Space Planning

TCA has assisted Chadds Ford Township, its Open Space Task Force and the Brandywine Conservancy with the Open Space Update. The goal of the Plan was to address the current and future recreational needs and desires of residents, property owners, and other stakeholders in Chadds Ford. The planning process included community outreach and engagement through public meetings, online surveys and key person interviews. This input enabled the TCA and the Open Space Task Force to identity potential park, recreation and trail needs, with emphasis on access and inclusivity.

A Park Service Analysis was conducted in order to identify areas of the Township that were served by recreational facilities. Then, the Open Space Task Force, TCA, and the Brandywine Conservancy:

+ identified expanded and improved opportunities for parks, recreation and trails;
+ identified issues and costs associated with the implementation of proposed parks, recreation and trails;
+ calculated costs for the proposed improvements; and
+ recommended and prioritized actions and responsibilities for implementation of the Plan.

Conceptual Park Master Plans were prepared for two of the Township owned properties that have excellent potential to be transformed into community parks. For example, the Conceptual Plan for the Township Campus includes a gazebo/pavilion, play equipment, a walking path, picnic tables and a pollinator garden.