Award-Winning Form-Based Code for Lititz Borough

On February 10, 2011 Thomas Comitta Associates, Inc. (TCA) received an ‘Envision’ Leadership Award from The Lancaster County Planning Commission.  Working closely with key community stakeholders throughout much of 2009 and early 2010, TCA evaluated Lititz Borough’s Ordinances to eliminate inconsistencies and to expand upon existing ordinance criteria.  TCA then identified opportunities to integrate the latest advances in urban planning and design including required ‘Street Walls’, ‘Build-to Lines’, mixed land uses, adaptive re-use strategies, pedestrian and vehicular connectivity, sustainable ‘green’ infrastructure, heritage resource protection, meaningful public spaces, and other development goals consistent with the Downtown Lititz Master Plan.

TCA authored the necessary Ordinance amendments, and integrated essential Form-Based Code components which exemplify Lancaster County’s overall strategies for ‘Smart Growth’.  This 11-month process produced Form-Based Codes that are ‘place-based’ and tailored to fit the unique characteristics of Lititz Borough.  The adopted Form-Based Code provides an effective template for strengthening and directing development and redevelopment towards existing neighborhoods and downtown areas while respecting historic context and incorporating sustainable, ‘green’ infrastructure for healthier, more vibrant communities.