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Town Planning & Traditional Neighborhood Design

TCA is a mid-Atlantic leader in Town Planning and Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND). We have prepared numerous Comprehensive Plans, Form-Based Codes, TND plans, and Streetscape Revitalization Plans from a new urbanist perspective. We helped to write Article VII-A of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code pertaining to Traditional Neighborhood Development. We strive to maintain and create sustainable, mixed-use, compact and walkable neighborhoods. We believe that places should be complete, and offer a diversity of intergenerational opportunities to live, work, shop, and play.

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Comprehensive Planning

TCA has over 35 Years of experience in Comprehensive Land Use Planning for municipal and multi-municipal clients. We have prepared over 40 Comprehensive Plans, primarily in Pennsylvania. We help communities write meaningful goals and objectives, prepare plans for land use, housing, community facilities, recreational environments, transportation, utilities, natural resource protection, and historic resource protection. Our recommendations and implementation stategies often lead to subsequent Amendments to Zoning Ordinances and Land Development Ordinances, as well as Capital Improvement Programming, and Park System Enhancement.

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Zoning Ordinance Preparation

TCA has prepared over 50 Zoning Ordinances since 1973. We have written many cover-to-cover Amendments with a focus on Definitions, Use Districts, Overlay Districts, Special Development Regulations, and Standards and Criteria for Conditional Uses. In recent years we have prepared Form-Based-Codes, Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) Ordinances, and Design Manuals. We believe that written and graphic Design Standards provide an important tool for quality control in the land development process. We specialize in offering meaningful techniques to enhance landscapes, streetscapes, campuses, neighborhoods, communities, and regions.

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Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance Preparation

TCA has prepared over 25 Subdivision & Land Development Ordinances since 1973. We adhere closely to the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), and to the enabling legislation of the other states in which we work. We focus on refining Definitions, Procedures, Plan Requirements, Design Standards, and Checklists, to help ensure healthy, safe, functional, and attractive environments. We were the first Pennsylvania planning firm to write a model Impact Assessment & Mitigation Report Ordinance (1975). Our Expert Witness Testimony in 1991 before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives led to meaningful Amendments to the MPC.

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Demographic Analysis & Projections

Whether ensuring adequate land for future housing types, facilities for school-aged children, diversity in recreational programming, or planning for capital improvements, demographic analysis is vital to our planning work. We use the most recent data available to analyze the existing and future needs of our clients and clearly communicate the influence of trends. This data is incorporated into Comprehensive Plans and Capital Improvements Plans, and to gauge the impact that proposed developments may have on community facilities, school districts, or municipal budgets. The end result is that our clients better understand the trends that impact their communities and can prepare accordingly.

Historic Preservation Planning

TCA evaluates the historical and cultural assets of communities and landscapes as an important underpinning of our town planning, land planning, and landscape architectural services. We study historic precedents to guide decisions on the form, shape, and proportion of man-made and natural environments. Since 1975, we have inventoried, analyzed, and evaluated many historic, cultural, and archaeological resources. We write Historic Resource Protection Ordinances, help designate Historic Districts, and devise Zoning Ordinances to create incentives for the adaptive reuse of historic buildings, structures, and sites.

Park, Recreation & Open Space Planning and Design

TCA’s planning and design for parks and open spaces is built around the nexus of environmental stewardship and community needs. From regional recreation, greenway, trail, and open space plans to construction documents and administration for parks, we provide solutions that are beautiful, functional, enjoyable, and in harmony with nature and society.

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Land Planning & Landscape Architecture

TCA has over 35 years of experience in the design, enhancement, rehabilitation, and beautification of landscapes. Our Registered Landscape Architects have designed numerous streetscapes, campuses, gardens, courtyards, and leisure environments for municipal, institutional, commercial, and residential clients. We create plans that are responsive to natural, cultural, historic and scenic environments. We have a comprehensive understanding of plant materials, land forms and structures, to create functional, attractive, and sustainable places and habitats. We produce plans that reflect the art of siting structures and buildings in a variety of landscapes and environments.

Expert Witness Testimony

TCA often serves as an Expert Witness on cases pertaining to zoning, land use, and land development. We are asked to offer an expert opinion regarding comprehensive land use planning, zoning ordinances, land development ordinances, and plan compliance with prevailing regulations. We have testified at several County Court of Common Pleas public hearings. We testify regularly at Conditional Use hearings, Special Exception hearings, Re-Zoning hearings, Creative Amendment hearings, and public hearings prior to the adoption of a Comprehensive Plans, Zoning Ordinances, and Subdivision & Land Development Ordinances.

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Land Development Plan Review, Evaluation & Mediation

TCA has over 35 years experience in the review and evaluation of land development plans, subdivision plans, and re-zoning plans. We regularly review and evaluate plans for over 40 municipalities. We are often asked to draw alternative plans to suggest a more appropriate site layout. Occasionally, we are asked to serve as a mediator between municipal officials and developers to re-direct and refine plans for a win-win solution.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Thoughtful planning requires the analysis of alternatives and impacts. Whether evaluating the impacts of increased growth and development pressures, proposed zoning changes, future land use projections, or demographic analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has become an increasingly essential tool in analyzing and communicating the impacts of development on a community. TCA uses the latest GIS technologies to produce user-friendly maps that clearly convey a variety of land use concepts. We incorporate these graphics into zoning amendments, comprehensive plans, or as background information to assist our clients in making important land use decisions.

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Streetscape Enhancement Plans

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